At LSS we are committed to delivering FM services in a sustainable and responsible manner. Our socially responsible commitments span four key areas.

Sustainable practices and innovations

Delivering a wide range of service disciplines means we must remain innovative and forward thinking in our practices. We aim to deliver inventive solutions to ensure minimal environmental impact alongside a high quality of service provision. Whether this is through cutting edge waste management solutions or simply the sourcing of new cleaning products, we are committed to a sustainable future.                

As part of Compass Group, we have access to the fantastic “Idea Works!” programme which invites  SMEs in the foodservice, hospitality and facilities management industries to come forward with cutting-edge products, solutions and applications.

This programme has been a huge success. It has encouraged entrepreneurs to showcase their exciting new concepts, and by working with these companies and individuals to help bring their products to market, we have kept Compass and all its brands at the forefront of innovation in the food and support services industries.

Nurturing our people

Whether joining our team full time or as temporary event staff, we believe that learning and development is the key to a successful business. That’s why we established our own training company, Signa Training. After training individuals for events such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and The Open Golf, Signa boasts a fantastic record in our sector and beyond.

Whether supporting back to work employability schemes or simply improving our teams skills, Signa tailor their courses to the individual’s needs and abilities. With courses ranging from Security and Stewarding, to First Aid, Customer Service and more, we have the capacity to develop our people, whatever their service discipline.

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Charitable involvement

Did you know that one in three people are likely to get cancer at some point in their lives? And that today twice as many people survive cancer for at least 10 years compared to the 1970s? Since 2009, Compass Group UK&I have been committed to support Cancer Research UK as our charity partner. During this time the fantastic people at the heart of our business have rallied to raise more than £1.5 million. Our funds are helping drive the organisation’s vital work; a lab in Cancer Research UK’s world-class London Research Institute costs around £93,000 to run for a month, while a year-long programme of research into drugs to treat breast cancer needs £600,000 of funding. 

Alongside hundreds of events and fundraisers managed by our teams across our sites, our annual Compass Charity Ball embodies everything that we do, from exceptional food and service to overwhelming support for a cause that has affected every one of us in some way or another. The money raised at these events (over £300,000 so far) has funded the work of two Cambridge Research Institute PhD students for Cancer Research UK.

Engaging the community

At LSS we believe in engaging the community in and around our venues. We will often support our clients fundraising events and trusts. We feel particularly strongly for programmes that work on local employability, and development through sport. Whether this is supporting grass roots football or rugby programmes or sponsoring community awards, we feel it is integral to give back to the communities we operate in.