AELTC, Wimbledon

Housekeeping and Court Services

The All England Lawn Tennis Club plays host each year to the prestigious Wimbledon Championships. The Club has 19 tournament courts, 16 additional grass courts (which serve as practice courts during the Championships) and 14 other types of court, including indoor and clay. The grounds contain a number of stadiums; Centre Court (15,000 seats), No.1 Court (12,000) as well as Court 2 (4000) and Court 3 (2500). The club also houses the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

Our permanent housekeeping team is flexible to the needs of all facilities and events within the venue and the associated operational demands that they bring. Permanent staff teams cover routine day to day housekeeping, servicing the Member's areas, the AELTC management offices, the Museum, the Museum walking route and associated small scale events as determined by members use. The LSS team are also at the forefront of the waste management on site, ensuring that 100% of waste is deflected from landfill.

During the Championship period the role of LSS changes dramatically and additional services are delivered. The Qualifying tournament occurs at our venue, the Bank of England Sports Club, and runs the week before The Championships. Our team coordinated the management, logistics, administration of the event as well as supplying the ball boy/girl services, ground staff, court attendants and cleaning.

During the Championships at the main AELTC site, our team increases it service delivery to not include cleaning, but also court attending, lift operators and Debenture services. The cleaning team delivers thousands of hours of high quality service, removing hundreds of tonnes of waste from the venue and helping to ensure that half a million patrons enjoy a great day.